Friday, December 15, 2017


Web-site localisation

Website localization includes the translation of all web-site content (text, photo legend, diagrams, videos, etc.) and the translation of the site menu: names of all the buttons and tabs of the site.
The result of the localization is provided upon a customer's request either as a separate file (the document with the translation, image files with translated inscriptions, video with voice-over or subtitles), as localization files, or, in the case of access to CMS granted, is published directly on the client's web-site.

Software localization

We will provide an accurate copy of the program interface in the proper language, taking care about keeping the usability of the translated interface and adjusting items for the interface in terms of the length of the names.
Testing of a translated version is provided.
User guide and other IT documentation will be translated friendly for target users, and professionally in compliance with the highest standards of the industry.

Video: subtitles, voice-over

Translation of videos (short videos, feature films, commercial videos, video-lectures) is provided upon the client's choice: in the file of subtitles, in the new video with subtitles rendered in, or just as a separate script. We also do the voice-over in partnership with the recording studio.

Business correspondence

Translation of business correspondence with the necessary clichés and figures of speech, structured according to the rules of a target language and communicational purposes of a customer.

Advertising and Marketing

Competitive and bright translation of advertisement or any marketing text: brochures, commercial offers, flyers, product catalogs.

Technical documentation

Translation of user guides, manuals, specifications, technical project description and any other kind of technical documentation is performed with consulting with specialists of the area. Upon a client's request, the translation of such documents can be provided with full copy of formatting, including the overall design, legend and inscriptions, schemes and so on.

Legal documentation

Translation of contracts, statutory documents, personal documents, powers of attorney, requests, various certificates, etc. For official references, certificates and personal documents we can preserve the structure and/or formatting, if needed.

Literary translation

Articles, essays, short stories, novels, monographs or a piece of very specialized literature can be translated by an accomplished translator keeping in mind the balance between the importance of an individual author's style and attention to the target audience perception characteristics.
Our translation is a new master piece in a target language.


Translation of articles or news. Language Support for corporate blogs. Translation of materials for local outlets or news websites.

Medicine, pharmacology, psychology

Translation of medical articles, researches, clinical records, product labels. Medical translation is performed with an assistance of practicing physicians and consulting with specialized glossaries.


Consecutive translation

A speaker periodically makes a break in their speech for a could translate what was previously said. A consecutive interpretation is carried out during business meetings and seminars with a small number of participants, or during presentations and exhibitions, where there is almost no dialogue, but only one speaker holding the speech.

Simultaneous translation

Translator is performed simultaneously with a speaker. Simultaneous translation is necessary for international conferences. Special equipment is needed: a microphone for the interpreter and headphones for listeners of the translation. At major events another important element is necessary: a cabin where a translator is sitting for more convenience of speakers and listeners.

Online support

Translation of negotiations by phone or by Skype, either via phone/Skype conference, or via traditional call, when one of participants is next to an interpreter and is calling to another participant of negotiations..

Kindly pay attention that regardless of the level of erudition of an interpreter within the topic of upcoming negotiations, interpretation quality will be significantly improved if a customer provides information materials for planned negotiations.

Other services

Assistance to delegations

Whenever you decide to visit Ukraine as a tourist or a participant of a business event, you are welcome! We can arrange meeting in the airport, hotel booking, transfer, visit agenda, business meeting plan, excursions, guided tours, to make your visit to the country to be comfortable.

Multilingual project management

When enlarging a business to the international level, some directors like to select translators one by one for every language on their own. Others prefer to concentrate on business processes and outsource the translation team coordination. We select and approve translations to any language, monitor their performance, provide the interim and then final result to a client.